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Leave fraud protection to the experts over at Signifyd.

We’re all about investing our resources into our specialty and Signifyd allows us to do that. All of our focus on a streamlined product and buying experience can be quickly offset if we’re forced to divert resources to something such as fraud protection, which is far from our area of expertise. Using the experts at…

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Signifyd will give your business a piece of mind!!!

Signifyd solved my issue of worrying about fraudulent orders and chargebacks. The benefit is less stress and worry so i can focus on growing my business. Another great benefit is getting money back from unexpected fraudulent chargebacks. This has saved my company thousands of dollars! Worth every penny.

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So glad we joined Signifyd

Prior to using the service we were experiencing a high volume of fraud transactions and we were spending great amounts of time verifying our orders one by one. With Signifyd we have had only a couple alerts and both were handled swiftly and efficiently.

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