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Signifyd powers fearless commerce

Unlock more revenue and protect your business with decisions and enterprise-grade performance you can trust.

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Signifyd powers fearless commerce

Protect your business – and your customers – from fraud and friction with decisions you can trust.

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We protect shopper journeys globally

Commerce protection that recognises the identity and intent behind every payment, restoring mutual trust between merchants and their customers.

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Signifyd is the #1 choice for enterprise ecommerce retailers

For the third year in a row, Signifyd is the number one ecommerce protection platform in the Digital Commerce 360 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Retailers report.

Signifyd powers fearless commerce

Protect revenue

Instantly recognize good shoppers to approve 5‑9% more orders on average.

Trust customers

Create seamless customer experiences while eliminating fraud and abuse.

Grow fearlessly

Confidently automate payments at scale with guaranteed protection.

Signifyd delivers accuracy, speed and control – with the transparency needed to empower fearless commerce

Optimise conversions

Harness Signifyd’s global Commerce Network to create seamless customer experiences, intelligently exempt traffic from SCA, and approve 5-9% more orders on average.

Protect the bottom line

Leverage our advanced machine learning model to protect your business from fraud whilst turning losses from pre and post checkout abuse into opportunities.

Improve customer lifetime value

Remove friction and reduce abandonment rates that extend the customer lifetime value and protect brand loyalty.

Fraud stifles growth in more ways than one.
Remove it from the balance sheet with Signifyd.

Increase in conversion
Order automation
In fraud losses

Identity and intent intelligence from the world’s largest network of merchants

Instantly recognize the “who” behind every payment.

Transactional and behavioral data from thousands of global merchants is enriched with best-of-breed data to identify and block fraudulent activity and abusive behaviors.

With 98% of online purchases made by consumers previously seen across the Signifyd Commerce Network, legitimate customers are instantly recognized and accelerated down their path to purchase.

Enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust through the ecommerce journey

Signifyd’s solution has helped Philips with significant cost savings and a reduction in chargebacks by approving more good orders.

Protecting customer experience from false declines

Signifyd’s instant recognition of legitimate customers allows Hot Topic to approve more good orders and automate fulfillment for their best customers — backed by a 100% financial guarantee.

Continuous protection across the entire shopper journey

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