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Senior Consultant who implements Signifyd on two clients daily

Trying to get them into SWISSGEAR to cut SG’s fraud, soft fraud, indirect fraud, eliminate their chargebacks from banks, disputes from Buyers who are committing fraud by saying they didn’t receive tracking number or product itself. I currently am always solving fraud routes in the Hamra and Bambi Baby web environments. I am the liaison…

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Signifyd is our go-to fraud partner for our eCommerce clients.

At the core of it, the problem we’re solving with Signifyd is how to identify truly fradulent transactions and actors from legitimate purchases. The easy answer is to increase fraud flags and apply one-size-fits-all fraud rules, which ultimately deny a greater percentage of purchases, including a greater percentage of legitimate ones. This results in aggrevating…

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Best Fraud Prevention Automated Solution in the Market!

Signifyd is mitigating the risk with accepting online orders paid via credit card or alternate payment options such as PayPal or Affirm and etc. This is extremely helpful when the major credit card schemas take no responsibility in covering chargebacks if their cardholders’ information is stolen. Signifyd has saved us a lot of time and…

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